Car rental: the best way to enjoy freedom
Did you ever notice how much time you’re wasting on waiting when you’re on a holiday? Like waiting for a boat, plane, bus or train. And a million other things that take a lot time. For example waiting in line to check out an awesome museum. But waiting for public transportation to get from one place to another, is probably the worst. If you really want to relax when you’re on a vacation, you should consider a rental car. Renting a car makes your life a lot easier. You can choose a last minute destination: where to is up to you and when you want to go is your choice! Freedom is an amazing thing…
15% discount from to ESN
Attention to all ESN Halle student members! If you want to try car rental or if you’re looking for a cheap rental car, you can now profit from student discount. Renting a car doesn’t have to be expensive. has come to an agreement with ESN: from now on, every ESN student gets 15% off his or her next rental car. With, a reservation is made in three easy steps. You’ll find over 30,000 pickup locations on the website. Where do you want to rent a car?
Rental car tips
If you rent a car, we want to make sure you have a trip to remember. Therefore we’ve got a few of our main tips for you:
1.        Always check your rental car for any damage when you pick it up at the local supplier.
2.        Make sure you have the 24/7 emergency number of the local rental company with you.
3.        Check if your rental supplier has an one or two year driver’s license policy.
4.        Save on extra costs by using navigation apps instead of renting a GPS.
5.        Last but not least: enjoy freedom!